Hockey Training Workout of the Week- 12/1/2017

Complete entire circuit by 12/7/17.  If you need to break up into smaller sessions speak to me for assistance.

Text me a small clip of you performing the hardest exercise(s) so I can see your form.  

FaceTime or call me if you have any questions (how to do an exercise/ form).  

Text me the word "done" when you have completed the work-out.  I will be giving a report to Coach Keith on December 7th of those players who have completed the circuit.  We are expecting 100 Percent completion.

We will review all of these exercises in person if you attend the off-ice conditioning on Tuesday Dec. 5th.

  • warm up See Instruction
  • 1.5 minutes high knees
  • 1.5 minutes ice skaters
  • 1 minute "bring sally up from video" you were texted the link to this video. Move to your knees when necessary.
  • 30 second squats
  • 30 second squat hold use wall if it improves your form
  • 30 seconds forearm plank hold
  • 30 seconds lie on back, put legs in air 90 degrees and reach opposite hand to opposite foot feel the contraction in your core
  • 1.5 minutes mountain climbers on floor
  • 1.5 minutes mountain climbers standing
  • 1 minute "bring sally up" from video
  • 30 second 20 second side squats right with 10 second hold
  • 30 second 20 second side squats left with 10 second hold
  • 1 minute plank hold, alternating knees to elbows
  • 1.5 seconds burpies with push-up
  • 1.5 seconds tuck jumps
  • 1 minute "bring sally up" video
  • 1 minute Walking lunges with twists
  • 30 seconds v-ups
  • 30 seconds banana rocks
  • 5-10 minute cool down see instruction


Warm up:

  1. 10 jumping jacks

    10 hip circles each direction

    10 knee circles each direction

    10 shoulder circles each direction

    10 arm circles each direction

    touch toes (or as far down as you can) and hold for 30 seconds.  

    If you have space- walk fast for 2 minutes, jog for 30 seconds and sprint for 30 seconds (repeat twice).

Cool down:

  1. I love foam rolling each muscle group used.  I'll put a link to the foam roller in the article.  Foam roll for 5-10 minutes to cool down.

    If you do not have a foam roller and/or do not like to foam roll, the following cool down is great as well:

    30 second quad stretch on each side

    30 second figure 4 stretch on each side

    Hold each arm across your chest for 30 seconds each

    Place your arm in air, put hand on your back (elbow still in air) and stretch by placing opposite arm on your elbow.  Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on opposite side.

    Shoulder stretch against wall (I'll show you) for 30 seconds each side

    Down dog for 30 seconds

    Childs pose for 30 seconds



Please share your favorite playlists with the team- music is motivational and will help.  

Eventually, I'd like to put together a video with your favorite songs and favorite exercises for you to keep and use.  Those who make suggestions will receive a small reward!